Aqua Reflex Securing 5-Year Classification at KSS

Despite the drastic effects of the Covid 19 virus, we at KSS are still pushing to meet targets, whilst simultaneously adhering to and implementing every precautionary measure necessary to limit the effects of this global pandemic.

On Thursday, 20th March, fish farming industry service boat “Aqua Reflex”, previously called “Viking Reflex”, was completed on our slipway. In addition to securing its 5-year classification, we were proud to say that numerous other projects and assignments were also accomplished.

Whilst many of our products and services are used by our Faroese clients, we are delighted when international clients make the decision to come to Klaksvík. The Aqua Reflex vessel belongs to the Johnson Marine organisation, who specialise in services within the fish farming industry in Iceland. Klaksvík´s proximity to Iceland meant that docking here was the logical decision to make, ahead of numerous other possibilities.

We are proud to have been able to offer our services to Johnson Marine and Aqua Reflex and we wish the Captain Grant Johnson and his crew a safe journey back to Eskifjarðar.

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