About us

KSS is located in the Faroese fishing capital, Klaksvík, with its high concentration of companies related to the maritime industry. We are equipped with all necessary machinery and tools required to provide a high standard of work related to engine servicing and overhauls, maintenance, repairs, painting, steel work and hydraulics. Along with the maritime segment, we also service the aquaculture industry in the Faroe Islands as well as various types of land-based factories.
KSS has two subsidiary companies: Búrhella, offering the services of towboats and heavy-duty vehicles, and Johs.Elektro, offering electromechanical solutions.

Our workforce is highly qualified and many of our skilled employees are in fact second or third generation working at KSS. At KSS, we believe professionalism and quality craftsmanship to be the building blocks upon which this organization was established. These values continue to be protected and have remained through time, being passed down from one generation to the next.

Currently we have approximately 70 employees.

KSS – Klaksvíkar Sleipistøð Pf.
Kósaskákið 3, FO-700 Klaksvík
Tel. +298 472030

Registration information:
P/F nr.: 2466
V-tal: FO442593

Bank information:
Bank: Norðoya Sparikassi, Klaksvík
Account: 9865 – 2016715
IBAN: FO7398650002016715